who I am

My favourite aspect of the sacred feminine is the one I think of as the Firekeeper - the woman who nourishes the spiritual and physical lives of her loved ones, near and far. Who invites them to sit at the fire and share stories and wisdom.

The Firekeeper is not a goddess, she is the sacred within the spirit of all women and the hearts of all men. She sits to the north, east, south and west of the fire, honouring the directions and leading ritual. All life is welcome at her hearth. All life is called.

I live in the west of England on the edge of fields and woods where I walk with my family of two and four-footed loves. 

I believe in and practise communion with all life.

I am a Firekeeper.

In the language of others I am an INFJ, a Taurean with a Gemini moon, and a HSP.  A dog person since birth, Anglo-Irish, an aspiring vegan, a migraineur and SAD sufferer, tattoo-ed, guided by wolf, hawk, crow and spider totems, enamoured of technology, called by nature, a 5AM riser and really rubbish if I don't get enough sleep.

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