Sunday, 3 November 2013

Morning practice

In the weeks since longer nights and darker mornings stopped me taking sunrise photographs every day I have purposefully developed a new habit. The dogs and I go to the same hidden field. Surrounded by trees, with the woods full of waking rooks and jackdaws at the south side, it's a small, open space - actually an unused paddock with a collapsing barn in one corner and a pleasing squareness to the fencing that lies in disrepair all around it.

Here, every morning, I call in the directions and have a little chat with the spirits of East, West, South, North, Above and Below, and the All-Spirit. Most days I keep it short and sweet: honour, love, gratitude, an intention. Other days I might ask for support in staying on my path. Occasionally I put in a request for some specific guidance. It's my morning prayer.

I've been doing the latter for a couple of days. I needed some inspiration. A little clarity on something. And this morning...bam...every direction was waiting with a gift for me. Clear as crystal. The best team of expert advisers ever. This, and my tendency to lose the good stuff among the endless clutter of the average day, in turn inspired me to sit and write it all out. And now I think I might try to do that every day. Even if all it says is, 'Said thanks, sent love, got rained on. Look up water from the south-west.'

These are the things that set the path of the day. And in my case that path begins just north of the woods.


  1. I've been writing in one journal and making a drawing in my nature journal every morning. I am also keeping a Calendar of Firsts. I think your new practice sounds perfect! Keeping journals is a good, good habit.

  2. a morning prayer. morning quietness to gather ourselves mentally, spiritually, physically before the demands of the day. that morning quiet time is the best part of my day. glad to see i'm keeping such good company :)

  3. i love your walks, your images from your would be a place of deep peace for me to live in that kind of nature. living by the ocean is a close second and i'm grateful for that.

    i walked to the beach so much more when i lived closer, it's not that much farther and it was a great source of peace and grounding every morning. i need to get back to that.


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